The objective of the services is to guarantee the security of the IT infrastructure of an organization.

Cibersecurity audits

Vulnerability assesment

Analyze the security failures of the IT enviroment and propose solutions.


Simulate a real cyber-attack to check IT security

Social engineering test

Evaluates the behavior of the staff against social engineering attacks.

Web applications audit

Analyze the vulnerabilities of a web application.

Wifi audit

Analyze the security of wifi networks.

OT vulnerability assesment

Analyze the security failures of the OT enviroment and propose solutions.


Hardening of systems

Secure computer systems, patches and preventive measures.

Hardening of network architectures

Secure the network and its devices.

Hardening of wifi networks

Secure devices and Wi-Fi networks.

Hardening of web applications

Secure web applications.

Backup systems

Design and implementation of backup systems.

Design of secure networks

Design and implementation of secure network architectures.


Training and Advice

Training and advice on cybersecurity.