The objective of the services is to guarantee the security of the IT infrastructure of an organization. The services can be divided into two types:

  • Cybersecurity audits
  • Hardening

Audit services are used to evaluate the state of security and propose solutions to the different risks. And the hardening services serve to mitigate security failures and add preventive measures.

Cibersecurity audits


Simulate a cyber attack to check the status of IT security.

Industrial Audit OT

Analyze the security failures of the industrial computing infrastructure.

Vulnerability assessment

Analyze security failures of the IT infrastructure.

Social engineering test

Evaluate the behavior of the members of an organization against social engineering attacks.

Automated analysis

Analyze the vulnerabilities of the systems using automated tools.

Web audit

Analyze the security flaws of a web application.

Wifi audit

Analyze the security failures of Wi-Fi networks.

RFID audit

Analyze the security failures of physical access control systems such as RFID or NFC.


Hardening of Windows environments

Secure environments based on Microsoft Windows systems and Active Directory domains.

Linux systems hardening

Secure of GNU / Linux systems.

Wordpress hardening

Secure web pages based on the Wordpress content manager.

Backup systems

Design and implementation of backup systems, ideal for ransomware attacks.

Industrial hardening OT

Secure industrial computing environments.

Network hardening

Network perimeter security. Design of secure network architectures.


Red&Blue Service

Audit and hardening service persistent and continuous.

Training against cyber-attacks

Training and awareness of staff on how to avoid cyber attacks.


Installation, configuration and maintenance of firewalls (Pfsense brand) prepared for security.